Developing custom solutions from local resources is core to ContourGlobal's approach. Project KivuWatt is a prime example of this innovative thinking in action.

For decades, Rwanda’s Lake Kivu, with its high concentration of methane and carbon dioxide, was seen as a risk due to its potential for toxic release. Today, our team is focused on extracting methane from the lake to generate electricity that will expand household access to power, lower costs, and reduce environmental hazards. The first phase of this project is powering three gensets to produce 26 MW of electricity for the local grid. The next phase of this project will deploy nine additional gensets at 75 MW to create a total capacity of over 100 MW for this high-growth country.

Global Citizenship


How we work with our neighbors in Rwanda:

  • Building the first library at the Gasura primary school. Here we provided a robust selection of books and trained librarians to teach the school community how to catalogue books and research topics.
  • Testing water quality at the American Refugee Camp.
  • Donated two cows for local primary schools to provide daily milk for children.

Career Opportunities

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We opened our doors in 2005 with three employees. Today, our team of over 1,600 people operates in eighteen countries across four continents. ContourGlobal is a company where individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for excellence, and who want to make a difference thrive. We seek diverse, skilled and collaborative individuals to join our ranks and continue building our global business.