ContourGlobal and Chesf open a 437MW wind power complex in Piauí


Wind complex has capacity to provide energy to over one million households, with a total investment of 1.85 billion Reais

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Piauí – ContourGlobal and Chesf (Companhia Hidro Elétrica do São Francisco) officially inaugurated the wind complex Chapada do Piauí, located near the cities of Marcolândia, Simões, Padre Marcos and Caldeirão Grande. The January 14th opening of the wind complex was attended by a number of dignitaries including the Minister of Mines and Energy Eduardo Braga and Piauí Governor José Wellington Dias. Altogether, the total investment into the complex was over 1.85 billion Reais, with over 1.3 billion Reais financed by the Brazilian National Bank for Economic and Social Development (Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social - BNDES).

The wind complex has a total installed capacity of 437 MW and has the potential to provide energy to over one million residences. ContourGlobal, Chesf and Salus FIP sponsor Chapada do Piauí I and II, with 205.0 MW and 172.4 MW of installed capacity (respectively) while ContourGlobal exclusively owns Chapada do Piauí III, with 59.2 MW of installed capacity. In total, the complex consists of 247 GE1.85 MW and GE1.7 MW turbines and created 1,500 direct jobs and 3,000 indirect jobs during its construction.

Chapada do Piauí I initiated commercial operations 60 days ahead of schedule in early July 2015 with six out of the seven wind farms and in December 2015, Chapada do Piauí II and III energized 50 percent of their wind turbines. The remaining turbines will be commissioned in January 2016, in line with commitments.

In addition to bringing additional renewable energy to the Brazilian market, the Chapada do Piauí Complex created jobs and developed the local economy by improving land registration processes for small land owners, providing income streams from land leases, and improving healthcare, education, and professional development within small and unprivileged communities surrounding the project.

Alessandra Marinheiro, ContourGlobal’s CEO for Latin America, said: “We have developed and built a great infrastructure project in a remote region and with an exemplary safety indicator – two lost time accidents in 4,000,000 hours worked since construction started twenty-four months ago. We also would like to recognize the support received by the federal, state and city governments and our local communities.”

“Chesf already generates electricity in Piauí through the Boa Esperança Power Plant, as well with transmission projects that further expand our supply across the entire state, featuring new transmission lines and substations. The Company is investing heavily in wind power across Northeastern Brazil, region where it operates, still acting as the key agent the region´s development,” said Chesf’s Chief Executive Officer, José Carlos de Miranda Farias.


About ContourGlobal

ContourGlobal is an international power generation company with approximately 4,000 MW in operation or under construction in 21 countries on four continents. ContourGlobal’s 1,818 employees manage, own and operate a portfolio of 58 power plants utilizing a wide range of fuel types and technologies including renewable energy production from hydro-electric, wind and solar resources as well as an extensive fleet of conventionally powered thermal power plants. The Company’s active 4,000 MW development pipeline spans Europe, Africa and Latin America.

In Latin America, ContourGlobal has 1.626 MW under construction or operational in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and the Caribbean. The company’s current portfolio consists of 979 MW of operations, 232 MW of wind power plants under construction in Brazil and 415 MW of wind and hydroelectric power projects under development in Mexico and Brazil.

About Chesf

Member of the Brazilian Electrical Sector, Companhia Hidro Elétrica do São Francisco (Chesf) is an Eletrobras subsidiary whose main commercial activity is to generate, distribute and market electricity. It features an installed capacity of 10,615 MW in the Northeastern Brasil, consolidated as one of the largest Brazilian electricity generators with 14 hydroelectric and 1 thermo plants. Nine of these plants are installed at the São Francisco River Basin. In Piauí, Chesf has offices, major substations and the Boa Esperança Hydroelectric Power Plant in the Parnaíba River. The company invests over R$ 2 billion in wind power generation projects in Northeastern Brazil.


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